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03-18-06 17:17
you make me happy beyond imagination and i hope to be able to see you really really soon.

today i went on an adventure
-and getting lost in a forest

ok so after roxy and i went fishing we went to the carnival and they were asking for 2.75 each ride.
that is so stupid,2.00 for a hammer thing and it was all bullshit
the end
02-27-06 22:24
seems like shes slowly caring about me less and less
which i guess can be expected.
i dont even know how to act around her anymore, i know how i WANT to act, but thats not going to happen.
i just really feel shitty
i dont know
she doesnt even read this
so she will prolly never know how i really feel.
i even thought that maybe i could just get a crush on someone else like i would usually do, but i cant, and im know that more then likely she wont ever want to be back with me , i can feel it coming
its almost like she doesnt care, or it feels like it

i might not graduate
i have 15$ to my name
and i have some fucking class to go to to hear people cry about drunk driving accidents and shit
no looking forward to that

on a good note
i met cheeky cheeks and he really lieks her and she doesnt flat out hate me...yet

wel maybe i should go
maybe i shouldnt
bullshit 02-20-06 10:41
i fucking love it

just after i wrote that happy little journal she calls and fuckin breaks up with me

i dont even fucking know if i can trust myself anymore
i knew i couldnt trust many people
but i always thought that i could trust my gut

but i guess fuckin not
02-20-06 00:47
so i got back from the sho
and let me tell you
the jonbenet....are astounding
they are
A. terrific musicians

i was so happy to see them
i was one of the only people singing i actually got to sing in the mic
he thanked me afterwards
i decided that my self
even when he screamed and spit landed on my face
never before have i smiled so big from a show
it was a tiny show at the food hole
you all are deathly jealous
i know it

i love em

i miss this one girl alot
she means alot to me and even though she still has stronger feelings for another person, i still care for her beyond anything
she DOES make me really really happy and i hope she reads this and knows that

she is everythign i could possibly want right now

i wont be able to see her much now though cause she will always be busy and is in trouble so she is grounded
but nothing could keep me away unless she br4oke up with me
then id prolly run and hide in a corner for a couple of days

02-05-06 14:49
angel and airwaves are going to be amzing and im here at charizards house listening ti sia (soooooooo good)

being grounded sucks
im not
but someone very cool is
that person is missed
true at life 01-30-06 20:38
well im going out with the prettiest girl ever.period.
im so tired cause im sick now
and ali if you read this i do plan to be to school tomorrow
cause i need to work on my grades and what not and try to keep them up ya know?
life has been so good the past like 2 weeks and it keeps getting better, mainly being i am slowly falling for this wonderful person and i want this relationship to last ,please.i pray it does.
you try hard enough 08-13-05 17:16
just comes out wrong

so im back in town now and very very bu bu bu bored
and if you want to chill
call me manny
you either have my number
or you dont
and that would suck
email me if you want my ##
ass like that 06-11-05 19:08
ok heres the deal
if i make out with you
that doesnt mean i like you
im a whore
so be it
wow 06-09-05 22:41
i saw and talked to taurra
im not falling into her vaginal trap again
06-04-05 11:19
i cant stop thinking about this girl who like alot and it kinda hurts but kinda feels good

i went to emery and BIJ
it was cool
i saw davina<3
hung out with adam<3
hung out with liz<3
met chris

and from now on i go by the name christ

but i saw taurra there and i had a panic attack
i really cant sum up why
but it hurts to see her

i cant stop thinking of mel and i want to tlak to her

i miss her alot :(
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